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Hello. I'm Marigold, and I'm a writer, an artist, and an improviser. I'm bi, and my favourite colour is Xanadu, while my least favourite is subfusc. My favourite actress is Tina Fey and Iove Mean Girls. I also love musical theatre, especially Dear Evan Hansen and Be More Chill, and I've been in Newsies and Seussical. I love having internet friends but please don't be gross. My favourite TV show at the moment is The 100 and I play the french horn, percussion, piano, guitar, ukelele, and sing a bit.

I might add other stuff in the future if I remember other things but that's it for now.
dibs on your soul
dibs on your soul

sure thing
Welcome! The Hobbies section should get you some discussion about art 'n things. Have fun!
Scoggles already claimed their soul
Oh yeah and welcome [back] I guess
Marig0ld said:
Marig0ld said:
What do these colors look like?
That's a place where nobody dared to go.
I, madam, I made radio - so I dared! Am I mad? Am I??

Subfusc is AFAIK any really dark colour, but usually dark blue.
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