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It’s been years since I’ve been here. I think. Idk how long it’s been. I still see familiar faces lingering about so it can’t have been too long. How has everyone been?

Pretty alright, all things considered. I just made twelve chicken pot pies.

How's things going with you?
Frosty! I’m good. I’ve settled down in Wisconsin and have a stable life. :D

Also wtf. I mean I’m down for lots of pies, including the chicken pot variety. Maybe that’s what called me back here?
I suppose I should apologize for abandoning everyone in the middle of the RP. RIP. My bad, friends.
Six of them are going to be given away (we celebrate my sister's birthday tomorrow, so of course she's getting a bunch). I'll write it down as a potential summoning ritual, tho.

Also no sweat about the RP. They are short-lived by nature.

Are you aware of the existence of the Telegram?
Lmao. Yeah the coincidence is uncanny. Definitely a potential summoning ritual.

Considering I have no clue what you’re talking about, I’m gonna go with no.
Tyty. Lemme get the app (am currently on an iPad and safari is throwing a fit at Sophy’s link).
Yo! How’ve you been? How’s the family?
Well, finally! We're just coming off the end of like a month of passing colds and flus and crud around so it's really nice to be done with that.
I don't know if your soul has been claimed yet but dibs if it hasn't
My soul was claimed a long time ago. Back in 2013. By cool7girl7, if I recall correctly.
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