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Hello, my name is Michaela but you can call me MJ. I'm from Australia and I love Marvel, Harry Potter, Divergent, and music. I just joined two can and string to meet new people and I hope you all enjoy talking to me if you do!
Howdy 🤠
Hello and welcome.
Enjoy your stay, and ignore the chaos. We're just one big, dysfunctional family
Hey, we have some kiwis, but no Aussies to my knowledge! Welcome!
How much would I have to pay you to mail me some Milo?
There are literally multiple Aussies who frequent this forum.
I must know.
Liv for one, also that one lady who did the hula hoop gymnastics. Haven't seen her in forever.
And larana, but I haven't seen her in a minute.
Well, I stand corrected!
Welcome anyway.
Well, I do have Milo if ya really want it XD
do you have any tim tams? those things are fuckin delicious. i tried them once bc they have them at the grocery store near my house but we never get them
Hello. I am the above-mentioned Liv, from Melbourne. I have neither tim tams nor Milo but filled with hate towards the possums shrieking outside my room all night

Also I'm pretty sure larana is the person who used to do rad hoop gymnastics stuff (no idea what that's called).
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