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I'm Taro (they/them). I'm a 3D artist and full-time napper. Some of my interests include Nintendo stuff, feminism, cute art of all kinds, and some other stuff I can't think of. I'm also a furry. Here's my art portfolio. Here's one of my fave pieces.
Welcome to the form.

It's good to see an artist doing their thing. I particularly liked jelly fish.
Lovely art!
Alsjebdjhshd holy shit I love your art!!
Jellyfish? What jellyfish, there isn't a... waaaitaminnut

That's cute.
I claim your soul.
a) Already claimed.
b) Please keep it to the claims thread.
I think I haven't logged in since making this forum post, but thank you, everyone! I guess this is my re-introduction now.
Welcome again
Hi! Nice to meet you, I guess I missed the first instance.
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