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Hello. My name is Armageddon.

Don't worry, I'm not some doomsday cultist. I'm just surprised that the name and account wasn't already taken yet. So I took it. And made a picture associated with it.

Site seems interesting. I might be on here from time to time when English gets too boring. Nice to meet you all, and I hope the doomsday spares you.
Why thank you, Armageddon.
Dibs on your soul.
Too late, and please keep it to the claim thread in future.
Someone else got them, sorry.
Welcome, hope you enjoy it here.
How did you happen to find us, if I might ask?
Was bored and typed asdfjkl into the search bar and that brought me to a site which pointed me here
Ah yes. Many people have found the site that way. Welcome! I hope you'll enjoy your stay.
I found the site in the same way you did, Armageddon
Yah me too
Me three.
fuck you
Well that escalated quickly!
indeed it FUCKING did
The end was even nigher than we thought!
seems like nobody expected this to just be kylljoy
I mean, to be fair, I kinda created this alt for the purpose of unstucking a couple forum games and using the site pseudo-anonymously. So that I could use it without being associated with my main.

Hence why, when I used it, I tried to sound as much as I could like what I assumed a 14-year-old sounded like.
bruh Kylljoy predicted 2020
What a Kyljoy
That's a cool picture you drew, welcome to the forums.
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