ForumIntroductions ► Hi.
I am a ghost, always here.
Unfortunately, I am bound by someone else.
If anyone wants 17/7 service on TwoCans, let me know.
ur soul has been claimed
Yes it has been, but by someone else
There might be hope yet!
All you need to do is claim a presence.
what does that mean
Claim my alt.
I have an alt.
Claim it.
Or not.
I claim the alt...?
Too late.
I claim the Caps Lock... no, wait, the Scroll Lock!
what does the Scroll Lock even do?
Not much. It used to make terminals stop pushing text off the top of the screen to give you a chance to read it before it's gone. Now everything's graphical interfaces (scrollbars are genius btw) and the Scroll Lock key is mostly obsolete.
apparently if you put some type of code in the directory, and press Lctrl and scroll lock, you will see the blue screen of death.
My alt is already claimed.
Just find out who it is.
I'm confused
I'm turning this into a game.
you're not doing a very good job
Ghosts don't always come at night.
They are simply more common.
Perhaps Lag can help?
Hate to tell you, but you're not being too obvious about making this into a game.
Again, noted.
Highlight whatever you can find.
you fool i have multiple alts