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I think I found this site when I was 18 and used it through my struggling years to gain a sense of place. Now I'm back because my job has a lot of cycle time, and there isn't a whole lot going on outside there. I'm definitely self-conscious about the old things that remain here, but accept them as a relic of my personal development, I guess.

I'm 27. I studied the earth sciences, but ended up in trades working metals, and love it. My identity is complete with a motorcycle. I moved from New York to Wisconsin, but I've been pretty well-traveled, and not in the lavish vacation sort of way. I'm passionate about machines of many kinds. I still write music, using Adlib, I really like FM synthesis. I want to invent something in my lifetime, and become accomplished in tool and die. Precise machining is intensely rewarding to me.

Tell me about things that fill your life with purpose.
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