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I’ve been on here for a bit but still, hello

Welcome to the dark/light side.
Well that sounds a bit concerning
I guess it's the monochrome side then?
Stereochrome technology is in the pipeline.
A rainbow for the colourblind
welcome to the site! Also, awesome imposter Among Us avatar, Poiki.
hello mayor scar,

i cant get it out of my head that ur pfp looks like Scar from hemitcraft
I heard this in the avatar thread. Never heard of this guy or his minecraft skins. I just Googled him for thirty seconds. He seems like a cool guy and Minecraft is best game so I'ma call this a happy coincidence.
ngl in my opinion, scar is the best minecraft youtuber, maybe other than technoblade
You can’t just go around saying that without telling people to subscribe to Technoblade and GoodTimesWithScar
is your avatar among us but made out of minecraft 1.17 copper?
no, but that sounds a lot less incriminating than "i was trying to cover up blood"
i want blood! you should do a ring of darkness around them as well.
Look mate, I really don't want to be arrested for murder. Gotta make it less obvious.