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hello! i love cats and dank memes!!! please treat me kindly and follow me on twitter.

my favorite games include dark souls and cooking mama 2. my third favorite game is Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. i listen to music as well.
so guys whats youre favorite meme? i really like ugandan knuckles, but big chungus has to take the cake

second person to reply gets the soul
Welcome to the website. I'll remember to update BIOS, thanks for reminding me.

My favorite meme is probably Wendy's Twitter, like if you are a true PlussyFan
Bruh I still have cooking mama 2

The last meme I had a good laugh at was that Goofy - I'll do it again one.


how do you update a computers BIOS
It varies depending on your motherboard's manufacturer, but you're able to open your firmware settings on startup. I know for Windows 10 you can access the UEFI settings from the home screen when you boot your computer up, but I'm not sure about other operating systems.
From these settings, there are typically options for installing new BIOS settings. I find that using a USB with an updated BIOS (which can be found from your motherboard's manufacturer's website) is a simple enough solution.

That said, updating your BIOS can be tricky and it can cause permanent damage if you're not careful.
If you have Windows you can press Windows Key and R

Then select system 32 and press enter twice

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Please don't do this it'll kill your computer
Quick big green download button on http website
Magnets are a quick way to do it if you have a steady hand and a way to read the update in raw binary.
True, alternatively nuke civilization and let a new civilization update your BIOS
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