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I'm a freshman in High school currently, and I live in the U.S. Nebraska, to be exact. If you respond to any of my posts and unanonymize yourself, then I'll follow you! I unanonymize myself most of the time if you respond back. I'm just really happy to be here and talk to you guys!
I'm a sophomore in highschool. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
Thank you!
Welcome to the forum!
im a freshie too. I made my account in 8th grade
hey, im almost at my 1 year anniversary on this site !
Very cool!
If anyone wants me to draw them a profile picture, just send me a message. I'll try to get it done within a day or two.
I be an 8th grader in Iowa USA. Hey E-Bag can you make me a profile pic please? Thank you
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