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this is my last pog log. i prob wont be missed

all i ask is that you remember my legacy

and remember

stay a pogchamp
You'll live in our hearts! Poggers
Very pogchamp!
im back. i won't just spam pogchamp this time. i'll actually be a semi-functioning member of society.
Believe me when I say that none of us here are functioning members of society. You just need to be a non-destructive member of society. But also

From The forum rules:
If you are banned, leave. Do not try to circumvent the ban.

Though I think if you behave, the mods won't mind.
fun fact - i dont think i was banned. first person reported me and i skedaddled. deleted my account and hid.
ugh fine i guess you are my little pogchamp come here
Pog, double post.
oh no oh no
i do enjoy me the killing of kittens
You monster
can i have one of those grey tag things like what coldfrost has? I would like it to say pogchamp

oh god i just figured out what the killing kitten thing means

very not poggers ngl
it's been a month since i joined.

ah well. i guess i'll give you a hint

look at my bio.
nevermind then
add the words pain of life to your bio
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