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Two years ago from now, I was sitting at a rather narrow desk, floundering on my on my biology class assignments.
How that compares to what I'm doing now has been pretty much unwavered, minus the increased workload and homework hesitation.

Hello there! I'm Privateinspectorkidd, you probably have seen me amble around the forums a bit.
I haven't given myself a proper introduction so here it is, more or less.
bro when did everyone start doing haloween pfps
I think some people began to jump on the trend after some talk and sharing in the Avatars thread?
At least, that was what I did.
Well, what are we waiting for? Deploy the welcome cannons!
Welcome to the forums!
hey kiddo, i remember ya :P
It's been a good while since I logged back into this account, I guess TC&S has temporarily fallen out of my field of interest over the spring.

Hello again!
Welcome back! Hope things went well while you were away.
Hey, Eric!
School became a bit hectic in the later few months but it eventually turned out alright in the end
It's nice to see the site again
Welcome back!
Oh hey, I vaguely remember you. Welcome back!
I think I remember seeing you while poking around older threads. Welcome! Enjoy your stay. There's free breakfast every morning and coffee available downstairs at any time.
Hello! Donut?
hello, hello! 👋
How y'all feel out there?
you have probably one of the nicest looking pfps
oh hey I recognize you!
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