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Hey everybody. I'm pretty new to this site but I think I like it so far. In the interest of remaining slightly anonymous, I'm just going to say about myself that I'm mostly here for the humor, and sometimes the actually interesting question/discussion, if I can find it.

Bíodh lá maith agaibh.
Welcome to Two Cans and String! I hope you also have a great day and enjoy yourself!
Thank you!
Hi there, welcome.
Hello and welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Slainte mhath. (Only Irish I know, because of a song with the same name.)
Welcome, would you like to join the cool kids club here on twocans?
Welcome to the site. There is no leaving. Trust me. I've tried.
Welcome to the website and welcome to the forums!
Lovely profile picture, by the way.
Hello, has anyone claimed your soul yet? If not, I claim your soul.
Welcome to downtown Coolsville.
Hey teens, buckling up is totally yeet yo!
Nothing lit fam's my skidooshs like bet AF safety, facts.
Haha, my account is about a year old, but I only just started really using it, so I'm in kinda the same boat.
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