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Hello! If you've answered some questions recently, you've probably seen this account, The Experimental Shared Account! (TESA). For more info, visit our page!
This is actually the second time this has happened, at least in recent years.

Should this thread just be a cat blender where the account talks to itself?
Haha, why not. I mean, it's not kitten killing if it's different people, right?
wow this is neat

I wonder who created this account
You think maybe we should sign this at some point?
Or just leave it to the pseudo-anonymous forever?
I say leave it anonymous
On the other hand, maybe we could each pick a symbol to use and use that to identify who's using it, without associating the symbol with a specific person.

I choose § as mine if we do that
I choose ¢ as mine. I eat dick.
Oh cool, the password's back

I'm gonna be...

I wonder what dominos thinks about this.

and i kill a kitten.
nooo it died!!
-former member of TheExper.SharedAccount
It didn't die

It's just under new management

So yes, death will come.
Yes, it’s under management by someone that wants to kill the purpose of TESA, if not TESA itself. And everyone else is locked out.
TESA was a good thing once. Don't get me wrong. It just came to a point where it MURDERED the rest of the site and what it was made for. The world was better without it.
Well, not for long.
Nope. We're not doing this.
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