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So, my dumbass accidentally made an introduction using the "ask" option. I'm a bit rusty because I haven't been here in a while, and I never really felt the need to utilize the forum, but I decided with my comeback, I'm going to have a bit more user etiquette. Anyway, here's my redo of my introduction:

Hello, I've been here before, I used to be Worm_Queen_421 or something (it's funny because I now identify as Agender). Given that I haven't been here in a while, I should introduce myself:

Hi, my name is Worm (not my real name, just what I go by lol). I'm 17 years old and I'm neurodivergent. My favorite stims are Worm On A String. They're very soft and fun to fidget with. They also are an amazing meme. I like Guns N' Roses, memes, and playing guitar. I draw a lot, and I really dig anything strange. I am Biromantic Demisexual and I go by they/them. My favorite color is black. I sing sometimes too! I am taken, so please don't message me with romantic/sexual propositions.

Important to note:
My triggers are yelling, loud noises and $u1c1d3.

Thank you, have a wonderful day!
welcome back

beware of the emoji spammers
Welcome. You're the first person I've seen in the telegram before the intro threads. Although you explained it haha.

I had a worm on a string at one point. They really go all out on the shop stands for those things. TV screens and all.
PoikiChoi said:
welcome back

beware of the emoji spammers
Thank you, I'm glad to be back
Well, it's gonna be hard to avoid your last trigger here, as there's about one question posted about that per day.

Nonetheless, welcome back!
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