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I'm BloodyBecauseYes, call me Bloody
My motto is urubu, You Are You Be You.
I'm a he or it, and I am aromantic.
I'm a teenager
I'm American
I'm a straight-A student.
I have light skin, I have short, light brown hair, green-blue eyes.
I like to wear baggy, comfortable clothes.
I'm an introvert.
I'm a procrastinator.
I suck at nearly all sports.
I'm a bit crazy/insane. But I am aware when I become like that.
And otherwise, I give pretty good advice, especially for relationships. (I have predicted how several of my friend's relationships were going to go.)
Sometimes I can be philosophical and make people question existence. (Only every other day though.)
I'm open to religious discussion but will stick to my beliefs (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints/Mormons/LDS)
If you insult me, be ready for a world of hurt for I have a venom tongue.
I'm a digital artist and will sometimes draw you something if it sparks my inspiration.
I'm writing a story, but I am having to restart the whole thing because of large plot holes, which is a hassle.
My favorite animal is a fox, color is teal, genre is fantasy, number is 13 (also my lucky number)
I'm the opposite of superstitious so when I see a ladder, I walk under it several times, cross the path of a black cat as much as possible, my lucky number is 13, etc.
If I had a superpower, it would be telekinesis.

I took these off of a character template thing so they may be a bit random.
Why, hello! Welcome to the forums!
Hello I've met you before!
Hi, New, I'm Dad!

Anyway, you sound interesting. If you're ever bored, hit me up, and I'll discuss religious sstuff with you. I'm a Christian, but I don't know a lot about being Mormon n stuff.
heyyyy! welcome to the siteee
hmu! if you're ever bored you can do my homew-i mean you can talk to me about anything
haha, alr cya qt
I'm not going to insult you because you seem like a nice guy, but I've never met a mormon with a venom tongue. Its fun to come back to categorical lists like these we make about ourselves years later and see what changed, what stayed the same, and what we kind of giggle at.

Welcome to the forum.
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