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hello good friends and strangers my name is hoylecake, im here to ask questions and play forum games. i probably wont stay on here forever, i just liked looking at the forum games during school and decided i should actually sign up and participate

a little about me, ummm, well im not very persistent and i lose track of things after a while but i do love to code with what little programming knowledge i have. and i type fast. that definitely matters

that's it. sorry about the weird avatar, i have no artistic talent whatsoever and i really wish i did lol
Hi hoylecake. Not to scare you off or anything but I own your soul now
Well, I may be a bit late, but hello!
high how are you?
how high are you?
nice u are 999 posts

I am always high i dont need no drugs
dreading all red entities
"The Russians will invade us someday, and I fear that day."

yeah, my teachers never taught us anything about DARE, but I heard about it from the internet
dude DARE was my life

delightful afternoon. russians enroute
i have never been taught dare, i learned about it from iFunny and Adam ruins everything
"Dang Anthropomorphic Russians EVERYWHERE!"
doers of arson, russia (eugh)
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