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I am a freshman in high school who has no clue how he found this site but uses it to procrastinate take part in conversations and see what different people think about different things. Some of my interests:

  • I love music, I play jazz bass and rock drum set. Some of my favorite bands/artists include: Lagwagon, Strung Out, The Roots, Cake, Dave Brubeck, Dexter Gordon, Roy Hargrove, and Pablo Picasso.

  • I love sports, I play baseball, ultimate frisbee and disc golf.

  • I love video games, my favorites are Smash Bros Ultimate, Enter the Gungeon, Minecraft, any CoD, and Minesweeper (no joke)

  • Some other random hobbies include: Model Car Building, Playing Poker, and Solving Rubiks Cubes

I've poked around with the site for a few days, and I just found this forum topic. Thought I'd submit something. Hi everyone!

Juder said:
Solving Rubiks Cubes

Somebody call in Blake.
Welcome, welcome, welcome! You'll fit right in here.
Welcome to the website! I hope you'll find yourself at home here, and have a great stay!
Minesweeper best sweeper. Welcome in!
Hey welcome, I like CAKE too. What's your smash main?
Hey, I'm a freshman that likes to use this site for procrastinating conversing as well!
ecr674 said:
Hey welcome, I like CAKE too. What's your smash main?

Pikachu, specifically the one with the party hat ;)
Ha of course the skin is of great importance. I'll only ever play headband Pikachu, although my main is default G&W.
hey Juder, your soul is mine now. thanks
oh nice u play poker

i used to love poker. I haven't played in a while
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