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My introduction, except that I answer questions people ask me a lot.

Q: How old are you?
A: J said I was 23,760 years old

Q: Are you a Pokimane fan?
A: No. I didn't even know she existed when I came up with this username.

Q: What's your Instagram?
A: Did you check my profile before you asked?

Q: Are you Chinese?
A: No, I'm Vietnamese

Q: Wait, I thought you were a girl?
A: I am indeed a female.

Q: Do you speak any languages?
A: I speak English and Vietnamese. I have a basic understanding of French.

Q: Hey can you help me with this drawing?
A: I know a Rick Roll when I see one.

Q: When did you start drawing?
A: I started scribbling on walls when I three and got my first sketchbook in third grade. I started taking art more seriously two years ago.

Q: Do you take art classes?
A: No, I wouldn't consider art elective as an actual private art class/art school. Besides, I haven't been able to take art as an elective ever since I started middle school.

Q: Where did you learn how to draw like that?
A: My brain.

Q: Hey did you know that your name reminds me of-
A: I know.

Q: Wow can you draw this for me for free?
A: Fuck off.

Q: How did you think of your username?
A: I was making a Webtoons account and PoikiChoi was the first thing I thought of. I liked it so much that i made it my username on everything.

Q: What art program do you use?
A: Autodesk Sketchbook.

Q: Who is J?
A: He knows who he is.

Q: What is your favorite song?
A: I have a lot, but here's a few I can listen on loop without getting annoyed.

Things about me that no one has asked about:

  • I am asexual
  • I don't mind be referred to by he/him or they/them
  • I am no longer a Kpop stan
  • I don't like My Hero Academia
  • I have thick, short, black hair
  • I play the viola
  • I might be bi
  • I am a Buddhist
  • I live in the Midwest
  • I am married to sertraline
You should add that cake is EVIL
You’re evil
PoikiChoi said:
Q: Hey did you know that your name reminds me of-
A: I know.


pokimane, pukicho and pokipon
twitch streamer/simp magnet, funny tumblr person and instagram artist i really like
They aren.t the same person, right?

probably not
oh good
I mean I could be pokimane

no jk im not a simp
It's too late. You've already admitted to it. Not even your edits can save you.
that wasnt an edit.

I said the second line without edit. so i dont need edits to save me
dementedkermit is a simp
mhm sure

you said it right here
no jk im not a simp

i also said this
embrace it
like she embraces the dog in her PFP
see, ebag gets it

what yo profanity
not simp
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