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Cool enough to have a 300 post long introduction thread

(300th post btw)
This is the first one to break 300. Congrats!
what an accomplishment
still not as cool as me having 16000+ unread answers
Hmm. That's... a thing.
it is indeed a thing
e-bag said:
Like, top 10 of my favorite users.
theres about less than 10 users who actively use the forum everyday.
incognito, demented, aprzn, bronco, hoyle, ebag, me
Just because they're online a lot doesn't mean they're my favorites.

You forgot TheDagMan, DatBoi, and Kylljoy.
And her, yes.
What do I rank?
im sure he wont tell us

its for our own good
I am indeed active every day, but that's just because I have nothing better to do.
Actually, I think that's how most of us are.
most of the people on this site have no life
yeah imagine having a life
having a life is for losers
honestly, having no life is the new having a life
but... but... having no life means dead???
you cant be dead if you were never alive
exactly someone gets it
I’m already dead on the inside
what about the outside
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