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mmmm babies taste good
(╭☞´༎ຶ ͜ʖ´༎ຶ)╭☞
theyre very chewy and soft
this is true, i was a baby once.
i'm still a baby
PoikiChoi said:
My introduction, except that I answer questions people ask me a lot.
Things about me that no one has asked about:

No pronunciation guide included, from now on I will pronounce your name as "po-eye-kie-shwee"
people have mispronounced my name so much that im used to this

honestly, you call me whatever you want
in my head i pronounce it like poy kee choy with poy and choy rhyming with soy
someone's finally doing it the right way
heck yeah B)
though i do really like the way kylljoy's pronouncing it
Sometimes I pronounce it normally and sometimes I pronounce it like pwock-ee-schwa like some sort of french person
the superior pronunciation
So I was saying it right.
I used to call IAteAPotato hand because I saw the numbers in her name and my brain shut down and I just saw the word Hand in her pfp
I thought her name was LateaPotato or something like that
yeah i thought it was late potato
“Ing-CUG-nite-too gy-real”
uhh can you put that into IPA?
India Pale Ales?
Idiotic People’s Asses?
Indigenous Purple Apples?
Indigo Pussycats Association?
Insidious Pale Aliens?
what is IPA

a beer
Insidious Pale Aliens is cooler though
Infamous Primal Ancestor
international phonetic alphabet is what I meant
no put it in the beer
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