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hello, i am new here! i have claimed my own soul so no dibs either
maybe i can make some new friends here :)
how is everyone's day?
Hello and welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center TCAS forums! Your username is very similar to that of my alt account, which I found to be an amusing coincidence.
welcome, person.
they are indeed a person, probably.
One could presume this to be true
lets not jump to conclusions
True, I guess. But I'm gonna bet they're a person, and definitely not like the lizard who runs facebook.
i am indeed a person, not a lizard. and i definitely do not run facebook.
youre acting very suspicious

are you sure about that?
not particularly...
Welcome, I am a person as well.
oh joy, i was worried that perhaps aliens were on this site as well.
(could be possible!)
Its not my place to out them.
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