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this forum is going to be almost daily posts about anything cool i do
i am also 14 spoooooooooooooky
but im not that cool
I'm 14 too! Hello!
things i did that were cool yesterday
1.squat 235 lbs.
2.put off work by being on the claimed souls forum
3. joined TOPAL
currently in class just chllin any body else alive???
we are so cool is a thing go check it out or something WE ARE SO COOL
sorry your thread got banned. how are you? have you been deleted as well?
i am not cool :(
No you cool

i also think you are cool and i'm a criminal so that's how you know its true

edit: no longer a criminal i think
You said you're a criminal?
are you a smooth criminal
no comment
edit: yes i am very smooth
hee hee
You've been hit by,
You've been struck by,
A smooth criminal.


Youve been hit by,
You've been struck by,
ouch i am hospitalized
You’re now an isekai protagonist.
i had to google what that was and im still unclear on what it is
same here
Isekai is an anime genre where the main character gets transported to another world. The cliche is that they usually die by getting hit by a truck and they wake up in a different world.
does this mean i am evil?!?!???!?!
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