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Holy wow! I went down the craziest rabbit hole tonight, found my tumblr from high school which led me back to here! It blows my mind how so much of this site is still the exact same as the last time I logged in, and even more surprised to see some familiar names still posting. I think this is officially my third introduction thread, but my last one was in 2012 which is practically a lifetime ago so...

Hi! My name is Ryan or Miss Ryan Michelle. I used to pretty much live on this site back 2009-2012ish. I'm 28, married, and spend most of my time being a boring adult and working. Whenever I do have free time I'm usually playing video games, reading, writing, or working on various crafts.

I don't know how active I'll be here, but I like the idea of reconnecting with my favorite corner of the internet.
Hey there. Nice to see you again. I recently returned as well.
Hey! Small world. Haha. I hadn't thought about this place in so long.
Welcome back! There's a lot of new guys here. Personally, I'm fairly new; I joined two months ago and I love it.
Hey, welcome back! I don't remember you well, but your name rings a bell. Back then I was RainingOnYourParade, if you remember me at all.
newbie here, welcome back!!
eriophora said:
Back then I was RainingOnYourParade, if you remember me at all.

I do remember you! Wow!!

Thank you everyone. I have absolutely loved coming back. I didn't realize how much I missed this.
What’s impressive is that you still remember what this site used to be like
It's been ten years for me! I might think about staying.
which videogames?
Hello hello, welcome back, by all means come on in, make yourself at home.

I am trying to stare at your username and evoke some familiarity but I don't think we interacted much in the past. But I'm game to call that an opportunity-still-open, yes?
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