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Here's my 3 month late introduction that people said I should probably make.

My first name is Nathan, my last name is [REDACTED]. I'm okay with going by Nate, but prefer my full name. Never Nathaniel. I'm 15 and going into sophomore year after this summer. I live in America, more specifically Texas. On that note, no I'm not a Republican. I refuse to align with any political party. I do not own cowboy boots or a horse, and I don't say "yeehaw".

Some hobbies: Blowing all my money on computer parts and video games, 3D creation with the Blender program, playing violin, listening to music, collecting board games, collecting cool looking rocks and minerals, and reading. Some of my favorite authors include Stephen King and Markus Zusak.

I also like animals, kind of. I have a fish tank, a couple dogs, and a mild interest in birds. I was actually making some sugar water for my hummingbird feeder before writing this.

Some fun facts relating to me and this site: I found TCaS after a fallout with a large group of friends and simply having a community here to engage with was very helpful in getting over it. I also registered my account 3 days before my birthday. I run another TCaS account for polls. Reading the site rules gave the impression that you must have proper grammar, and by the time I realised that nobody really cares, I had already fealt like it was part of my site identity. Grammar is here to stay.

I'm glad to be here.
Isn't this an alt acct?
What gives you that idea?
I thought this was one of those accounts w the numbers in the bio. From that Licky kid.
I was the one who set that up for a little alt account finding game I did (NecromanSir won). I did have "1/6" in my bio a few days ago but removed it.
I see.
here comes the sun dudududu
I thought this was one of those accounts w the numbers in the bio. From that Licky kid.

What are you talking about? I only use two accounts now, this one and PlutoSad. The others had to be dropped.

Tsk tsk how rude.

Also what do you mean by numbers in the bio?
nathan's find the alt account minigame

also you're doing the "tsk tsk" thing again
Tsk tsk tsk….
it's strange that you're doing it three times

rather, it's unorthodox

i spent 3 hours on a single minecraft map today (bringing the total to like 7 or 8 hours) but i finally beat it so yeah
I spent 7-8 hours doing hard labor today. But it’s now over and I can continue tomorrow.
oh no

And then I can force you into it.
i changed my minecraft skin to hank today

i had to restart my computer because it was kinda broken
I had to restart myself because I am broken.
im sorry to hear that licky
How does one restart a ghost? Asking for a friend
You just have to get a pen and find where the manufacturers put that damn button.
So we should start looking IDK how long a ghost lasts before death
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