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Yeah, I'm back. Maybe. Maybe not.

Who are you all?
Oh um… I’m Licky… uhhh

Hello Licky. I'm honestly surprised this site is still here.... It feels so weird 😂 I don't know anybody.
Hello I am BroncoBoy18
Am I famous? I consider myself to be. Yeah I am.


Can I make you a profile pic?
I was well known here. I was also the youngest user. Now I'm old. And yes, I'd love a profile picture.
Anything of interest
A flower on the moon would be nice. I had something similar on my old profile. At least at one point I did.
Uhhh… I lost inspiration.

Here have the Eiffel Tower. For temporary so you don’t look empty now.

Edit: I’ll make that flower on a moon later when I have time and better device.
I have a moon and a tree, does that work
I'm totally going to dig up old threads that were relevant in my time and post on them. Sorry in advance guys. By the way... I can't access my old account. I can't remember what email I used, and apparently I forgot the password.

Edit: I don't know what to choose... I like the tower, but the other has a moon...
hello you and welcome back
Hi stripes. Thanks. I hope to get to know you guys well.
yeah, this place gets a lot more active around the time when school starts. be ready and excited
Haha, thanks, I remember that. I was in elementary school when I joined... Now I've graduated. So. Weird.
School starts in less than two weeks. Oh no I have to start high school on August 10, 7:20 am Central time.
I miss the elementary school days
Oh same. I was such a dramatic child though 🤣
Most children are pretty dramatic

Also I made you a pfp if you want to use it :)
Uhh here.

And I also sent you one with stars.
Minecraft tulip
Welcome back to twocans! Seeing your old avatar at the start of the 'Supposed to be Asleep' thread was truly a flashback.
Moonbloom! It's awesome to hear from you!

If this is a Licky alt, I will be angry.
No, he doesn't seem that way, yet.
I think you are too.
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