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No way
Well it is of course going to be one

Now try to give me something else I dare you
Is having a gf a reference?
Popcorn munching?
Yes and yes
What about being all-by-myself
ITT: Bronco Says Yes to everything
Bronco, if you say "Yes" you very much don't exist.

If you say "no" you exist.

What about peanut butter and sardines smoothie?
No, that is not a JoJo reference
So you exist.
W_Licky said:

4. Chinese descent

Any questions?

YOU'RE CHINESE, TOO!? woahhhhhh. if you're of chinese descent, what's siu mai? what's char siu pork?
Chinese descent =/= Chinese
i think it's the red sweet meat thing they put in those steamed dough things?
Char siu is barbequed pork, iirc? I believe it's Cantonese
I am Chinese from New York. New York’s Chinese are mainly from Fujian. Not Guangdong. So not of Cantonese descent but of Fuzhounese descent. But still Chinese.

But mostly American.

Hey so I was watching some reddit videos and found the image that sparked this forum

necroposts, yay
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