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Your lord and saviour J-Rob has reincarnated once again. Got tired of being called Tif. Don't try that soul stuff. Gods are exempt.
Hello SLDB.
followed thread number 301

i have a problem
thread number 341

not as much as me
lmao guess there isn't a thread follow limit
nope, now just imagine that all of them were posted on at once

good thing some of them are locked

also J-Rob stop creating a forum each time you change your name, if I had a forum for each name change I'd only have my original one
congrations on the 4500, bronco

J-Rob next time you want to reincarnate just message blake
but blake's like

busy or something

and he hasn't been online in weeks
I don't like doing that. Blake's busy and I'm set in my ways.
ain't no limit to how many threads you can make.

I also don't know if Blake has changed his stance on username changing, but in the past I'm pretty sure his preference was making new accounts so he doesn't have to deal with it
Right? These damn kids.
These are some very creative usernames.
Yeah, but not my creation.
Hey can I call you Tiffany? I meant to but then forgot.
I'd rather you didn't. Ex's name. Just is weird.
That's fair.
I don't mind any other names. From you anyway. ❤ 😆
If you say so, Boaty McBoatface.
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