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Hello! I am Cupid! Valentine's day is coming up and I want to spread the love! I made a question where you can leave little nice messages anonymously and I will send them to whomever you tell me to send it to! :-D

Here is the link to my question.

I'm looking forward to making people happy! ^_^
Duuude I dig. Welcome and thank you for being all cute and sweet and stuff
Okay. I have never celebrated Valentine's day (Woohoo for the cold, unloving North not celebrating love with a day of its own!), but I remember doing some sort of a "write nice things on a note addressed to a classmate of yours and put it in this hat" thing when my high school had a week with love-theme.

So yeah. I just answered your question. Now this better not be like that damn secretsanta who just took our answers and left. >:(
Don't worry! I will not abandon you! :3 I'll keep the question active and send out the messages on Valentine's Day. ^_^
I had no idea you could post a link to a specific question from the Q & A...
(Learned something new... ;)
I'm more interested in who Cupid is.
I suppose it doesn't much matter. I'd guess Moonbloom, but whoever it is is cool for doing this.
I have a few theories.
I have started sending out the messages. ^_^
The question is still active. I think it has like 8 hours left so if you still want to send something you still have time! :3
I got messages, and I feel loved. Mission accomplished!
*nervous laugh* Yeah, loved.

By cars...
Did my 2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited in Venetian Red with Ivory interior send me a message through Cupid? That would be impressive.
Hehehehehehehe-no. PM powers, activate!
I messed a message up. I am so ashamed of myself. ;_; I am not worthy of this bow.
Did you send the valentine to the wrong person?
Yes! So embarrassing! :#
Wouldn't nobody have known if you didn't say anything?
That is true! Another mistake on my part. D:
I still want things to be right though! The message that went to the wrong user was kind of specific as well so if I hadn't said anything they'd probably have been really confused....
I didn't get any so I'd thought I'd post here to totally not fish for compliments.
You can be my valentine cause I didn't get any either
Wow, I got four...I definitely wasn't expecting that at all.
I didn't get any, it's okay. I never got any flower grams in high school, either, because I'm not very well socialised.
Same here.

During elementary school, I was that one weird giant smart kid everyone thought was a robot.
For the record, I still think you're a robot
I got some. Whoever sent me those, you're dumb
thnx tho