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I finally figured out how to use this thing! Let's have a conversation :)
I'm going to go ahead and move this to introductions.
Hello! Welcome, welcome. How're you?
Welcome to the forum. I see you like mustaches. I too, like Mustache.
I also give out socks so you get my best checkered blue pair as a welcoming gift.
Yay people are actually talking
It took me forever to make my profile picture
Imagine how long the drawn ones take.
Yeah, mine is drawn but it's not as good as a lot of other people's
Well, can someone please start a conversation? :/
There's a whole wide forum full of conversation for you to jump into.
Which none of it is what I'm looking for
Then make a thread?
What are you looking for, in particular?
Game of Thrones episode tonight. Cleganebowl was cancelled and my tickets to the event were not refunded. You watch the show?
Something without that much cursing?
I'm afraid you can't really control that. There's usually not a ton of cursing in Forum Games, so if you have a game idea, you could always try it there.
I never really understood the games part
Here. You can talk about whatever you want without any rules. You can also click the "IRC Funtimes" button at the top of the page and have a live chat with users.
Well, hi! Please be my friend someone!
What is friend?
Well, hi! Please be my friend someone!

I've talked to you before and kind of consider you my friend. Want to?
Hi WEEIIIRRRDDDDD, welcome to the forum.
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