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Hi, I'm Poodonkus. I'm new, and came here from that good old "asdfghjkl;" site. I had known about Two Cans & String but never made an account. Just today I did, and it's pretty neat. I'm mostly gonna ask some thought-provoking questions, and if times get tough, as they do sometimes for me, I might vent about life. I'll look into frequently visiting the forums. I really like random humor, and in person I'm known as the "funny guy." So yeah, hey, I'm new, and I look forward to becoming a frequent user of this site.
Welcome! :D Dibs on your soul!
Hello, welcome, dibs on your soul!

EDIT: Dang it, TC - that was close.
too late I snatched it moments before you DIAV
My soul already belongs to oven baked Cheetos.
ahh but on this site everyone starts with a soul and I have claimed you soul on this site.
However, you've only called dibs. You don't have my soul yet. When I do lose it, I'll hand it over like you're an infant and I'm giving you a spoonful of hot porridge.
Dibs on this site counts as claiming, therefor I have taken ownership of it.
Welcome Poodonkus! I too heard of this site through asdfjkl;. I hope you enjoy your stay, and hand your soul to the owner at the entrance. TC owns my soul as well.
Welcome. Your avatar looks familiar for some reason.
^ Yeah, it's a character from the game Cave Story.
Oh cool side scroller.
I meant though, that it was familiar from here on twocans. I forget what user had it though.
IIRC Omni used to use one of Misery's portraits as his avatar.
I think I remember that.

CS was the best indie game I've ever played. A while ago I was doing a 3hp run but monster X fucked me up.
Did you try Treasure Adventure Game? It's...pretty self-explanatory, honestly.
On Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 5:23:23 pm I made this post. In about 3 days I will have been on this site for a whole year. I will make sure to be around for many more to come.
That was... almost random, may I say.
Glad to have your here!
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me-ee
Happy birthday to me
Ay happy birthday, poods! That's two in a row now!

EDIT: I like your new pfp!
Thanks! Felt like being a little more expressive about being pan :P
Yah it's cool!
I feel neapolitan.
Because of the colors?
Yes. Not because I'm in Naples.
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