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Okay well, what kind do you have the most of in your collection right now?

Here'smy stash.
Bella said:
Liv said:
That's a lot to (incorrectly) infer from an emoji.

Just be careful, man. Idk what you think that means but be very careful saying things like that on the internet and about where you say them.

Y'all know I'm old. Can you explain what's going on here?

They said their partner was a little, but they're underage, so they're a minor participating in kink, and they're advertising it. That's dangerous, because predators.

Gotcha. And yikes.
Huh, the explanation above was necessary for me too, although I'm not nearly as old. I thought "little" was just and adjective and wondered why there was no noun afterwords. Whoops. Anyways.

TwoCans DoB: Nov 1, 2016 12:34 PM

Name: Mathy (you're not getting my real name)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Political-ness: I try to be the mediator in the center, but I lean a bit to the left.
Hobbies: video games, composing music, procrastinating. Oh, and solving puzzles.
Child Forever: Pick a day, flip a coin. Put the result as a ratio between some Mersenne number and the coinflip and that's the probability for that day. Probably.

Current State: Busy. Always a bit too busy.
Emotional state: This thing exists? Haven't seen it for a while.
Date: 6/28/20
Not a kink because it isn't sexual in the least, but ok.
Kink, taken broadly, can also describe non-sexual aspects of a relationship and the dynamics involved therein. Unless you mean something very different by "little" in this case, it definitely falls under the broader kink umbrella. Additionally, when someone says they're a little, it's typically understood to be referring to DDLG, which usually has a sexual component.

Again, please be careful with advertising this online. Or at least reconsider your phrasing.
Huh, the explanation above was necessary for me too, although I'm not nearly as old.

Yup. Literally half.
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