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It made the beer taste worst
blame aprzn they told u to do it
How dare you make my beer taste bad, aprzn
k a t
Banana cat
PoikiChoi said:
“Ing-CUG-nite-too gy-real”

everyone take notes. this is how to pronounce my name !!
yes, listen to gy-real

actual footage of me wearing the sunglasses in my pfp
this picture is cropped for your safety, if i were to post the full picture you might pass away due to overwhelming amounts of swag
gy-real is so secretive that even her swagness wont show up
gy-real is so secretive that she hasn't talked in hours
shes so secretive that the tcas gods banned her for being suspicious
she's so secretive that i didn't know that happened
in reality shes hiding because they found out she was a russian spy
e-bag said:
she's so secretive that i didn't know that happened

no that's just you not being on the tcas discord
hes just being secretive
don't worry friends, i am no longer in hiding
so are you actually a russian spy?
yes but that doesn't leave this thread
imma just cover this up real quick so no one gets curious.
thank you, wyyca21
why hvae i been summoned
I meant pspspsps as in a whisper but I guess that works too

The earless cat has been summoned.
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