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Hi! You can call me Jelly :D
I'm a high school student living in the US.
My pronouns are she/her but they/them is fine as well.

I love rhymes, art, cooking and cats. I'm a cheerleader and I also play basketball and lacrosse. I hope to start an ultimate frisbee team at my school.

I've been listening to this song a lot lately
City Never Sleeps

I"ve never posted on a website with threads and forums before :o
That's it! It's nice to be here..this website is cool!
Hello, welcome to the Cult of Infinite Weirdness With the Oldest of Telephones!
don’t mind me, imma just yoink your soul.
Haha thank you for the welcome!
Welcome, I like your username
Welcome and merry Christmas
Thank you :D
Welcome to the site. Here's your gun and gas mask, now get in the trenches.
Jokes aside welcome to the site! We're a little weird here, but I hope you'll feel at home!
this place is very home
lol i like it here so far >:D
May I ask for your support in the election for the office of the unofficial president of twocans?

the election is in may.

You can go to the sandbox section of the forum to get the details on the different candidates
I might be a little biased, but I'd suggest that you support the candidate who has not done any animal-lobbing
but you arent a simp. I will simp fro the citizens of twocans as president
The "pr" in "aprzn" stands for praseodymium and the s in praseodymium stands for simp
i dont see a simp avatar
Let's not derail this poor person's introduction, they're just vibing.
This thread is meant for introductions, not advertisements. Disappointing for presidential candidates.
My bad
lmao I will go look at the thread and see
this website is cool!
No, you're breathtaking!
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