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Hi, I'm being introduced to society
Hello, dibs on your soul (I claimed it elsewhere already)

See you around

Also what are your interests?
Videogames and anime
I claim your soul
Hi I’m new
I claim your soul
Hi I'm new

^that's a lie
Thou soul hast been claimed
Evergreen isn't new sillies
You didn't even use the right grammar
thou, thee => you
thy, thine => your

Thou hast no claim on my soul, as mine hast been claimed previously by DIAV.
Oh! another link to somewhere
Plus hast is 2nd person, the 3rd person form is hath.

I - Thou
Me - Thee
My - Thy
Mine - Thine

Thy soul hath been claimed.
But if I were telling someone their soul is claimed, I would use second person, correct?
That depends. Are they being claimed or the soul? Would you say your soul are claimed?
Oh. I see. My paraphrasing actually changed the structure.

I first said: You have no claim on my soul

but my example was: Your soul is claimed

Sorry for the confusion.
(but I think I was correct the first time)
In that case you're right, thou hast no claim upon my soul.

Edit: A good example of how the passive voice depersonalises actions. Grammar nerds FTW!
I’m sure we could even argue whether it is correct to use the formal or informal in this circumstance.
A better argument is whether or not it is grammatical to use Middle English.
It is not.
I’m quite fond of Middle English but have very few occasions to make use of it because there is no use for it. I have actually been working on a 14th-century inspired “Seynt Valentyne’s Day Feeste” for tomorrow though.
Guys the middle English and claiming evergreen's soul were jokes

I was fully aware of the improper grammar, it was used to make the joke obvious.
But wasn't it fun to have grumpy, pedantic grammar nerds quibble?
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