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How big is too big of an age gap to work in a relationship?
for instance, I am 23 and the man I really care about and like is 33. Could it work?
Seems like that is more or less fine to me, but what do I know? There are other important factors to consider. Also, dibs on your soul.
It's probably cool. I'm about to be 32 and I'm seeing a 21 year old. It's not serious though. I also slept with one of my former students last year and boy was that a uncomfortable situation.
"I'll give you a C- next time put more effort into your work."
Haha. Not that bad.
I think a ten year gap is too much when you're in your twenties.
I don't think age really matters. The relationship is what matters. I've known of larger age gap relationships that have worked.
Age gaps can work. However, large age gaps open up a larger potential for abuse or for unhealthy authority dynamics. 10 years while in your early twenties can work, but it's important to be wary and skeptical going in and to be aware of potential issues.

Unhealthy power balances may occur in large age gap relationships even when both individuals are perfectly fine and good as people. Sometimes it just works out that way and isn't good for anyone. It's not always that one person is intentionally taking advantage, it's just that greater age and experience can end up creating a power mismatch even if neither want it to occur.

I would be the abusive one in a relationship with an older woman.

Straight up demand that bitch tie me up and dominate me on the daily.
I think it really comes down to the couple and you as an individual, sure back in the 90's and 80's the age gap was a HUGE thing now not so much. All of my coworkers and I we are all in our late 20's they all have husbands that are 37 and up. I'm kind of and I mean that very loosely i'm ish seeing a guy and hes 42. At this point we just talk, he has to kids though, 2 and 4. He is has a very deep personality, and I very much do enjoy our conversations till 2 am. We have plans to meet up I just keep.... well putting them off. Anyways age is just a number just tread with caution, and if you ever have doubts will remember the buddie system, and let someone know where you are going with this person.
Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor can make it work, and that's good enough for me.
Ferreteh said:
Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor can make it work, and that's good enough for me.
How about when your in High School when is the gap to wide

I'm a sophmore and I like a senior soooo is that just weird.
there is a 3 year age difference between us.
3 years isn't as much as the ~10 year age gap mentioned at the start of this thread.
The half-age-plus-seven formula exists for a reason right? When you're in high school there's a way bigger maturity gap between 17 and 14 than there is between 27 and 24.
Oh yeah. Forgot about that formula. Yea, I think so.