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I don't like the idea of a 'relationship belly'. It's just a belly, yo. It suggests one couldn't get into the relationship in the first place if they had a belly, and that's not cool.
Regardless, I love his belly. :P
He calls it that, not me. And I think it just means you're getting comfortable with someone instead of constantly primping and worrying.
One isn't always thin due to primping or worrying.
Now you're just being picky. I know that, but some do gain weight, stop wearing makeup. Just small things.
That seems unfair.
cute funny smart romantic with the most beautiful eyes and a six pack=)

That sounds like me...
How is it unfair?
Personally, super-muscley guys kinda creep me out. A little bit is fine, but there's a definite line.
was that at me? cuz im not he-man or anything, but im certainly in shape.
Nope. Not directed toward you at all.
You are presenting a false image and then withdrawing parts of it after the relationship is formed.
Ant, if you haven't realized it's almost human nature to preen (or put up a false image if you choose to word it like that) to attract a partner (whether one means to or not)you must not get out much.
Just because it's common doesn't mean it's right.
I never said it was
Then why bother with your semi-insulting post? What value does it have?
I didn't realize it was insulting. I thought you were saying that my statement was unfair. It was a miscommunication.
Okay. I will be clear. It is unfair to market yourself inaccurately to gain a boy/girlfriend, or whatever.
I do agree with you there, but unless you're going over the top simply to attract a partner and then you drop all traits and habits after, it's not really that big of a deal. There's a difference between gaining a little weight after a while in a relationship and say... having placed an entire fake personality and claiming to have hobbies you don't actually have any interest in because you believe they make you seem desirable.
Meh. Any lie's a lie.
Everyone puts up a bit of a front when interacting with the public. If you're with someone and start to see a different side of them, it likely because they are comfortable around you.
I agree with, Joe. People are usually different in public then they are in private. When someone starts to show you their private side, they're opening up to you. They're trusting you enough to show you the side they're afraid to show everyone else.
The fat side?
All I have to say is that when I'm in a relationship I would rather look better than when I'm single. It's not about attracting a partner, so much as being proud to be with them and wanting to look your best. I gain weight when I'm single, lose it once I'm content in a relationship.
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