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Dragon: I was Tommy breaking up your fight; when I post something along the lines of "stop" please don't post about the same thing.
Wait, you actually considered that a fight? I thought what you said was just a joke. I ain't gonna bring it up anymore, but still man, I'm lost on how that was in any way heated.
All I see is a misunderstanding. If there's any fighting, Wolfy's the one trying to start it, here.

And on the topic of gamers, all the people I see playing games on campus tend to just play whatever's popular, and are just kinda douchy and/or blatantly don't care about learning anything at college.
BeepBoop said:
someone who does not look like this:
picture of a good looking guy
they're overrated and mostly arrogant because they know what they can do.
no abs primarily (if i make them get some, that's later).
gamer/coder/general computer geek.
have brains preferred.
average-looking preferred. so they're not a big target for any of you single-minded white girls out there.

That man is actually unattractive to me. So I guess it's the eye of the beholder.
Edit: I should have read that more thoroughly. We are in accordance. However, I don't find him aesthetically attractive and have no idea about his personality as i dont know him.
I'd also like to point out that you have problems. Like some serious self esteem issues. You need to work on that.
Having brains is never a good prerequisite for a relationship because it oversimplifies the ways in which a person can be intelligent or give meaningful contributions to things. I've had partners who are absolutely ingenious but couldn't stop arguing. Not disagreeing, they wanted to outright argue everything.
Good point, Spore.
someone who believes woman can do anything and a nerd
I don't think every woman is interested in nerds.
can confirm, hate them
I find intelligence in a guy really attractive
There's a difference betweenv having intelligence and being a nerd.
I'm a dumb nerd.
Not always, give girls some credit dude.
They usually look for a rich, athletic, and douchey type of guy :)

2/3 of those are absolute turn offs for me.
They usually look for a rich, athletic, and douchey type of guy :)

Nice GuyTM alert.
Yea, being rich and athletic aren't bad things; being douchey is also not exclusive to rich athletes.
Jest said:
2/3 of those are absolute turn offs for me.

I bet Jest likes douchey dudes.
Since I'm neither rich nor athletic, probably.
Doll likes the hipster types I think

I like felons mostly
Whatever qualities they look for, I don't possess any of them.
Well when I meant "Intelligence", I wasn't really referring to appearance or how much money they have. Just like some guys don't want a dumb girl, some girls don't want a dumb guy. The guy can be hot and intelligent, ugly and intelligent, or decent and intelligent. All I am saying is intelligence is a turn on.
I agree with canadiangirl0 on the intellgence bit. Also, a good sense of humor and passion. If he's passionate about something (a hobby not a person) then he's instantly much more attractive, imom
Ah, see, I thought you are jumping on the nerd train. Yes, intelligence is a huge plus for me. I can safely say Gray is smarter than I am, but it's not like it's a bad thing. He can teach me things, which he likes; I get to learn new things through him, which I like.
Humor and passion though <333 yessssssssssss :)
Judging by the vast majority of tinder profiles I've been reading, most girls want something new and exciting and an adventure and someone who will take the initiative and suggest a place/activity instead of waiting for her to do it.

Edit: before a shitstorm ensues, I think its safe to say that guys also look for this. Most things that people like crossover a lot, and getting into a realm of what do more women or more men prefer enters into very murky generalization territory.

Also, everyone likes good butts.
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