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This love is banned in 49 states.

well this was a prescient claim given kylljoy's recent nuclear escapades
South Dakota is just "Dakota" now. No need for the directional disclaimer.
I love my feet and shins more than I'll ever love anybody.

Also yeah, what ecr said about the Galactic.
I was thinking about this, I don't think I've ever tried to actually write a list of what I want in a partner. These are mostly things I try to reciprocate too.

  • I want kindness and a willingness to learn/discover what acts I most appreciate.
  • I look for someone who will make me laugh and appreciate my flawless comedic genius.
  • on that note: will field my messages and sending of dog videos and my subsequent tears
  • patience
  • Common interests but also allowing room for clashing interests
  • allowing space for independence
  • can handle me not always wanting lots of physical attention
  • won't get freaked out by me crying over anything. Also won't be freaked out by my emotional baggage.
  • beard
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