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Hi so like I have a crisis. There’s a guy, his name is AJ and well I kinda like him (idk really) so I tried the whole “be yourself” thing and worked for a little, he told me a secret but now he’s ghosting me and I don’t know why! My question is, what do guys look for in girls and what are reasons they ghost them?
You have to be yourself. Can you imagine trying to put up a charade for literally years pretending to be someone you're not? That wouldn't be healthy at all.

It's important to find someone who is compatible with you. It's not about tailoring yourself to fit some dude's ideal girlfriend mould. Foratever reason, he decided you weren't what he was looking for. That's fine, and it's better than either of you lying to one another.

Ghosting is an asshole thing to do, though, so honestly you dodged a bullet there. People ghost because it means they don't have to deal with the consequences of their actions.
Thanks! I know you’re right… I have to stop pretending I just… hes like the only one who gets me yaknow?
If he's disregarding and disrespecting your feelings by ghosting you, I unfortunately don't think he really "gets" you :(
Yeah that’s true :( the only thing is that he was the ONLY person who understood why I want to go to summer school. He was the one who supported me and I just don’t want to lose that
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