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Is it ok to watch anime with fan service when you have a gf? We are both weebs.
Offer to watch the anime with your gf. If she objects, then talk about it with her and see what her limits are. If she doesn't, you're probably fine.

It feels like there's a broader implied question here, about watching erotica or porn when you're in a closed relationship. I've never been in one so someone else will have to comment.
WEEB#1 said:
Is it ok to watch anime with fan service when you have a gf? We are both weebs.

No but this is a question to ask her, not strangers.
Yeah what she feels is more important than what is 'right'. Relationships are far from objective.
What is Fan service?
Doing something or showing something for the sake of the audience...mostly in the icky(gore or barely censoring or some torture sessions?) department.
So... not even watching porn, basically? How could that be bad?
So the question is "Is it okay to watch graphic cartoons when you have a girlfriend?".

Yes. At least, no less so than when you're single.
Usually when talking about anime, "fanservice" means things put in there to make a middle-school boy (or otakus of any age) horny.
From urban dictionary:
This can include scantily-clad outfits, cleavage shots, panty shots, nude scenes (shower scenes especially), etc
Honestly, it's mostly just embarrassing to watch. I haven't ever heard it used to refer to gore, but perhaps that's a newer usage of the word?

Here is a quick youtube video that explains the term and gives some video examples. Warning: probably not safe to watch at work.
Fwip said:
Usually when talking about anime, "fanservice" means things put in there to make a middle-school boy (or otakus of any age) horny.
Omg that’s hilarious. I laughed a lot ‘cause this part. Wouldn’t that be most all popular anime then?
I mean, yeah, a lot of anime is popular because it makes people horny for it. :P A lot of western media does the same thing - what would a James Bond film be without sexy women?

Where the line is drawn between "too much" fan service is hard to say and pretty personal. Even serious anime "classics" often have immersion-breaking scenes or characters designed mainly to titillate their male audiences, that cause some people to stop watching series they otherwise enjoyed. (Cowboy Bebop's Faye comes to mind here). On the other hand, a lot of watchers love it - that's why creators put it in, after all. You can find a lot of lists of "top 10 best fan service animes," written for viewers who just want to be horny.

There's also a lot of good anime without little to no fanservice. Obviously the Miyazaki films are a safe bet, as are a bunch of classics and lesser-known series. I know a lot of people here liked Mushishi and Monster for serious choices, Nichijou and Hands Off! Eizoken! are great mood boosters, etc.
Kill la kill is chock full of fanservice, but it has some of the most moving stories, sound tracks, and animation of any anime to date.

inb4 "hurr I watch it for the 'plot' haha"
Yeah he'll never find me here.
I met my boyfriend on a godforsaken dating app when I was single and sad. I had just gotten out of an entanglement that was almost but not quite a relationship. I pulled out before we could move any further because I realized why I asked the guy out in the first place: he reminded me of someone I've had a crush on for years. I apologized in a handwritten letter. Although I wanted to give the poor guy space, he forgave me, wanting to be friends. I felt wretched about hurting him and leaving him with such little dignity. And so, I found myself crying and on the app.
Wretched sums it up. Finals were coming up and I already knew which classes I would fail. I've always been a pretty good student. I hadden't gotten far enough into planninpg my death to be considered "depressed" but my family and my death were on my mind frequently.
In no state to be doing so, I agreed to meet up with a new guy for a first date. I remember being annoyed with the way I had to set everything up. I misjudged him as uninterested. He didn't seem eager enough about me to set specific dates or times and I had to make all of the moves.
A week later I find myself in new guys bed, tears in both of our eyes. The past week had been a blurr. My roomate didn't see much of me, because when I hadden't skipped class I had knocked on his dormitory door as soon as class was over and usually stayed until morning the next day.
It was addicting to feel such intense validation. Every night he'd whisper promises in my ear. He told me all of his secrets. Cried infront of me. Begged to know everything about me. (Went to Sunday church for me though he had vowed to his mother hed never go.) I misjudged. This guy was Intense.
But LAZY in every other aspect of his life. Too lazy to check the calendar to see what day it was, to go to class, to walk outside the small boarders of our campus, to manage to get a passing grade in any of his classes, or budget his money properly. Not his fault. Poor bastard doesn't have a father. He complemented my depressed-self perfectly. With tears, he asked me, "please. I'd love to call you my girlfriend." I considered briefly my inevitable doom of dying alone and said "I love you."
Hes an absolute bitch. A puppy dog. Hangs on my every word. Puts up with me, listens to me, matches my energy, all-around amazing, always there for me. Which would be great if we were BFFs. But I need more out of a boyfriend. Like, proof he's driven enough to secure a job and actually show up to it. A true idiot, my boyfriend already brought up "forever." Marage proposal too soon. Immagining him as my husband makes me nautious. I wouldn't even have the comfort of knowing our families would get along. Because they wouldn't. I love when it's just us, but I'm too ashamed to show him off.
He doesn't understand how I need, more than anything, for him to care about himself more than he cares about me. If he just focused on his own goals I might actually love him.
But all he can focus on is me.
Wow you found this 2-year-old thread. I made it when I still watched anime and when I was still in a relationship.

Also, this was such a dumb question lol
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