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The prostate is a magical thing.
Just try it. No it doesn't hurt if your partner is gentle, and fingers are small.

Mostly just needed to post so that my numbers in my profile looked pretty.

Hope you have a wonderful day :)
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Not bad for telling someone to shove it up their ass.
Don't brag about your numbers. I tried to retire Randy Randleman at 1000 posts and Blake deleted 2.
Scoggles. You get me. ^^
i was about to post this in the qna but i suddenly remembered this thread existed. here's the original question:

"you don't need to feel bad about yourself for liking things in your ass"

was stating that it's perfectly fine to like anal play. or smth like that. just thought it'd fit better in this thread.

edit: holy shit OP is online right now?!
Some people aren't comfortable with things in their butt. Live and let love, the way they want to.
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