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So there is this bi-sexual girl that I like. She likes me back, I've been told by multiple of her friends. I don't know how to make a move or if I should make a move, or just take it slow, etc. I'm also female though, and her parents are accepting, they just take a lot of time to adjust, as they have with their past out children. They don't want their parents to find out, but they still like me so idk how this is going to work out? Cause my parents are fine with it but idk about their parents. Can someone please help?
So her parents are accepting of her openly gay (?) siblings, but she's not out? Or what do you mean that her parents are accepting?
I mean as in their parents are accepting of their other siblings, but it takes them a while to adjust, and at first if its just "sprung on them" they are usually upset.
I think if you want to date her, you should go for it. Worrying about her parents' potential eventual reaction to finding out that their kid is bi shouldn't affect stuff too much yet. Trust her to take care of herself, and follow her lead. :)
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