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The old crush club thread was very old, so I thought this might come in handy.

I have a crush. She's someone who works with me at my school. She's delightfully nerdy and I get very nervous and awkward around her. Let that be a lesson to you kids, that that aspect doesn't necessarily go away just because you grow up. I don't know what, if anything, I'm going to do about this situation. But it's been a while since I've felt feelings like these about someone I actually get to see in person all the time.
It's been over a year since I've last seen another human being. A shadow regularly passes through the cracks in the boards on my window though. It's vaguely human, feminine even. I think about it all the time, curl up in the slivers of sun filtering through and wait for it. If it doesn't show up, I get sad. But when it does, I frolic back into the depths of my cave and play a tune on my flute made of hollowed out bones.
Well, this thread took a turn...
I was enchanted.
My crush can do witchcraft.
My crush can do SCIENCE!!!

Is that a euphemism? Because if so, I'm trying to...
I think it's a reference to the salem witch trials.

For those of you who read my "what counts as a date?" thread, I now have a crush on the individual I described so go figure. I haven't told anyone as of yet, but it's nice to have it all to myself as a little token. As opposed to my last crush a couple years ago where I told everyone with ears to hear about it, I'm cool with keeping this one lowkey :] I just hope that he feels even a little bit of the way I do as well...
Yeah dude.
i haven't had a crush in years. actually im not sure if i've ever really had one or if i just hyperfixate on random people who seem like better versions of myself that i wish i could be like. but i'd like to someday, you guys are making it sound cute
you guys are making it sound cute

And occasionally embarrassing, agonizing, ect.
I was going to say, when I had a crush on my first boyfriend it was probably 90% agonizing and 10% "cute" just because I can't tell if a guy likes me unless they directly tell me so. The one I'm having now isn't agonizing (yet), but it also just started so I only like him a little bit. In general though, having a crush makes life 10x more fun and interesting so I would definitely recommend it.
I agonize over my crush all day every day. I've been trying to get on friendlier casual conversation terms with her all school year and it's just very situationally difficult.
I hate having crushes on anyone anymore.

I'm starting to develop a teensy one and I don't like it. I can't NOT be attracted to people I'm attracted to, but I'd rather not develop crushes.

When I can help it I like to just ask someone on a date and either get a date or get rejected and not have to bother with wondering if they like me back.

The crush I have gotten involuntarily and quite against my will is a very useless crush that does me no good. I simply don't have the capability of acting on this one even if the person WERE interested it would be useless.

All it does is make me unhappy or jealous so I'm rolling my eyes at this one and waiting for it to pass.

Luckily, now that I'm old enough, they do pass pretty quickly, thank goodness.
I have not found that crushes pass easily as I've gotten older. I feel like I'm essentially still on par with how I was about this stuff in middle school. Possibly worse. Might explain some things about my overall maturity and lack of actual adult relationships...
I'll count myself lucky then! It must be fascinating to be able to have a growing crush over a long period of time. I remember what that was like. Maybe its not automatic with getting older.
Yes, "fascinating." That's how I'd describe it.
my crush is a nerdy boy. he has red, long curly hair and he is beautiful; he laughs at his own jokes, he awkwardly hunches over whenever someone is taking a photo of him, he has a weird sense of humor. he’s a good, respectful person who helps me a lot to be happy and a better person. i’m glad his awkward ass confessed to me first
That's so cute congratulations!
Holy shit, my crush is way too hot for me.
That's usually how crushes go though to be fair.

I would say and I believe that personality and confidence go a long, long way. Problem is, if you've never had success finding mutual attraction or chemistry much it can impair confidence and that can make people not like to be attracted.

It can be a real downward spiral.
confession: i've been a little fruity for the past week

there's this really, ASTONISHINGLY pretty girl on my bus. i remember when i first saw her walk on the bus. i couldn't stop looking at her. everything, every aspect of her was mesmerizing. she has black hair, it seems as if it was dyed, and she has exactly 2 thick pink hair streaks. she has this green zip up hoodie, and she's worn it every other day. she also wears blue plaid pajama pants (which is pretty badass, if you ask me). she wears eyeliner, but it's not thick eyeliner, and she either wears vans with red and white shoelaces or black high top converse. seeing her is the highlight of every day i'm on that bus. of course i'm too scared to talk to her, but god, she is so beautiful. i've never felt this way with a female before.

i don't really know whether i just admire her or if i have a crush on her, or if i'm even gay? all of it is confusing, but what i do know is that she makes me happy and she doesn't even know it
I mean I'm not an armchair psychology scientist, but you're probs gay. Just judging by the fact that you prefaced with the word fruity, you might even be closeted from yourself.

I don't know what gender or sexuality you have, but yeah. Could be bisexual, could be anything.

I don't have any experience with gayness per se, but sexuality in all its forms was very shamed and shunned in my family growing up so it was weird figuring out what sorts of feelings I had even toward girls.

I suspect its probably a lot worse and more confusing for somebody who is gay trying to make sense of it and figure it out especially if its not in a very gay friendly environment which you might not be, again, just making a huge assumption based off the word fruity.

Course I could be wrong about all that!
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