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there is this girl I like and she is very confusing
can you help?
Im sorry, I can't.
sorry man
so no one can help?
i go cry but only for a literal second
you done?
Tell us about this girl.

How did you meet?

What do you like about her?

Do you talk to her? Or just admire from afar?
met her in 3rd period but started talking once i got her insta

Can't help you there.
I don't understand when someone asks a question, and you guys literally say "I can't help you" and leave. Like, if you can't help them or answer their question, then just don't say anything. That way the thread wouldn't be derailed immediately.

That being said, try to learn more about her, like her interests. If she has any pets. That sort of stuff.
asawyer92 said:
met her in 3rd period but started talking once i got her insta

What do you usually talk about?
alr bro. it's showtime
don't overthink it and just get to know her a little better
see what she likes, dislikes, and go from there
good luck chief
Wow. Very insightful. You should be president someday.
haha i dont think i have the facilities for that bigman
this is coming from jared, senior, 19, doesn't know how to read
Vice president.
ayo? that's actually a good idea
we could have like a board of members
like uhh
  • secretary
  • treasurer
  • vice prez
  • prez
and we could do small elections for each that would b p dope
i did i think ^^
asawyer92 said:
can you help?

Just treat her like a friend for now. Get to know her.
Have you tried catching a fish and making it your Tinder profile picture?
Better yet, catch a catfish. No unfortunate connotations there.
wow so helpful thanks
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