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oh hey i passed 3500 and i didn't even realize it

anyways the first time i ever had a girlfriend was in 6th or 7th grade (i think it was 6th)

she dumped me after 3 days for kyle

we hugged exactly once in our entire relationship

that's the end of the story i still have her number but haven't texted her since
some fun facts about her:

  • she watched stranger things on netflix (i didn't)
  • her favorite animal was a zebra
  • she's kind of a bitch, if you think about it

*sniff* and she broke my heart, man
another fun fact i was completely unemotionally invested in the relationship so i was kind of a douche to her

she had asked me after recess if i wanted to date her and i said yes against my better judgement

i had never spoken to her up until that point

haha i poked fun at her a lot so it's probably no surprise our "relationship" lasted less than a week

edit: come to think of it i'm not entirely sure if she dumped me, or i dumped her

hmm it was kind of a long time ago
A heartbreaking ex story. I find it interesting that kids in elementary and middle school would be "boyfriend and girlfriend" after literally never talking to each other. Like, was it just the cool thing to do?
i don't know

initially this was supposed to be a greentext but i chickened out because it wouldn't be authentic if i didn't use ableist and homophobic slurs and other cringy slanguage and i wasn't comfortable doing that

but it's worth mentioning i was a loner loser at the time with literally zero friends in that class and was alone the whole time so i was pretty snotnosed and fucking

horny's not the right word but

i guess desperate for a relationship

edit: i'm not making a very good case for myself, am i?

<color value="#ffffff">good. i'm glad.</color>

edit: since i'm clearly very comfortable with giving out cringy facts about my past (that someone might look me up and find where i live and my life is in danger) why not share two more facts about this relationship? a funny one and a very creepy one.

the funny one first
she said she liked zebras as her favorite animal because they were skinny because they were vegetarians
kind of sad

now the creepy one
i got a hersheys kiss in my lunch that day i walked up to her during our concurrent chem class after lunch and was like "wanna kiss" cause i was fishing for a reaction from her
she was like "EW NO" and i pulled out the hersheys and she looked relieved

god i'm an asshole
  • "#ffffff" is not a valid color name.
<quote>god i'm an asshole</quote>

Were an asshole.

Edit: Honestly though, don't dwell on stupid shit you did as a tween. I remember being that kid who wore nothing but baggy sweatpants and argued about how much better Samsung is than Apple and how PUBG is better than Fortnite and anyone who disagrees is a FUCKING NORMIE.

I'm glad I've changed.

currentnathan i'm trying to come up with the most damning things i've done in my entire life atm the moment i've drawn a blank either i'm repressing those memories or i'm literally perfect
Titanlord237, you're perfect to me. <3

JK nobody is perfect.


Hits hard.
bro but that was the creepiest motherfreaking thing i bet she experienced in her whole god damn life

we were like 12 years old

edit: holy crap we were literally 12 years old i think she was slightly older than me but damn

i might even have been 11 or some shit back then

possibly even 10

now i feel like a pervert
It seems you only really started the relationship because you needed someone to talk to.
nope i started the relationship because i asked kyle for a hug and he said no and he brought [name redacted] over (shit i almost accidentally said her name) and she gave me a hug and about an hour later she asked if i wanted to date her

i was weird as fuck back then i was spending every other class period in the counselor's office

and that's not even that much of an exaggeration!
Kyle's a shit for turning you down.
i'm distancing my current self from my past self because if not that would imply that i'm still weird and i'm not weird i swearrrr
Rough mate
i'm distancing my current self from my past self

A lot of us are. I think it's safe to say everyone's cringey as a 10-12 year old.
Is this just 1 person talking to themself?
oh god i don't come off as a serial killer, do i?

Is this just 1 person talking to themself?

Are you implying that we are all alts?
It's hard to tell anymore.
hello coldfrost!
Coldfrost said:
It's hard to tell anymore.

i like to keep my BS quarantined to chiefly threads i create

so if it's melodrama you're after, one of these threads is a good place to start

edit: i'm not cringey i swear
i'm not cringey i swear

Only at night, it seems.

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