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Because I feel weird talking about this on a thread about meth and urine.

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I cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting a professional binder. I realize that it's a scary big step, and maybe not something you want to ask your parents about, but DIY binding can fuck you up real good, even if you think you're doing everything right.

You can tear up your skin and bruise your ribs. I've even heard of people giving themselves stress fractures which would make binding pretty impossible for a few months at least. From what I've heard the 'binding too much can make it impossible for you to get top surgery' myths are mostly BS (at least with real binders) but that doesn't mean you can't really hurt yourself.

Professional binders are designed in a way that both flatten things out better while also distributing the pressure in a more comfortable and safe way. GC2B is a great producer and where I've gotten mine. If purchasing one from new is something you don't think you can do for whatever reason, there are also a ton of charities like Point of Pride. Everyone takes efforts to mail things discreetly.

If you have a larger chest I definitely recommend getting a tank style binder. They're a bit trickier to get on but they're more effective in my experience. Also layers are your friend. A long sleeve shirt/hoodie over a lose t shirt will hide a lot. Even if you are binding properly, it's important to keep it to 8 hours a day or less, and be honest with yourself if you need to take a break or take it off before the end of your day. It can get a little uncomfortable at times, but it should never hurt. And for the love of God do not fall asleep with it on or you will wake up regretting having lungs.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about anything you don't want to put on the Forum.

Hello. I have lots of questions about binding.
I, too, once had questions about binding. Some kind strangers on the internet answered them and helped save me pain and made me feel less anxious. I would be glad to pass it forward.
Well, some are binding questions and some are general trans masc questions.

What are some extreme don'ts that are even worse than taping?
The tape can be the worst of it, tbh. Like I said before, falling asleep with it on can be pretty painful too. And I can't in good conscience recommend things like bandages and sports bra gymnastics. Wayyy too easy to take it too far. More likely to rough up your skin, too.

Don't try to put on anything like a sports bra under your binder or on top. It can be tempting to order down a size, especially if you're on the cusp, but it's not going to help you. Binders (at least the ones at the major suppliers like gc2b and underworks) are designed by trans people. They know. But the fact of reality is there is only so much compression your ribs can take. Binders are designed to do as much flattening as safely and comfortably as possible. They're already as extreme as you should get. You're better off hiding your figure with loose clothes and layers after that. You can legit injure yourself by going too far, which will make it hard to bind properly in the future.

Just in general, listen to your ribs and back. Take a break if it starts hurting or if you have trouble breathing. Don't wear it too long in a day and try to give yourself a couple of rest days a week. Don't expect to wear it for eight hours straight right after you get it. Wear it around the house for a few hours to make sure it fits. Work your way up. It's a strain on your body. If you're going to be exercising or swimming I'd recommend going up a size.

If you get the correct size and wear it properly, it shouldn't be painful at all. Most of the time for me it has the effect of a weighted blanket. A nice comfortable squeeze. I'm more aware of my breathing but it isn't difficult. Though I usually carry an extra spots bra in my bag if I'm going for a day out, just in case if things start getting uncomfortable I can swap. Try to avoid wearing it in the car for substantial trips.
hi can i still post here? pretty please? i am going to do it anyway

i havent worn my binder in a while, and now that im wearing it again it feels funny. my back just stopped hurting too
i dont think thats good
You might still be growing. I'd take it easy, just like you first started wearing it. If you continue to have issues I'd try re-measuring yourself.