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real 😮
the recipe is right there
my minecraft crafting ui doesn't have enough tiles in the grid to fit all the materials
also how the hell do i insert 4 hearts into a crafting grid
then find a girl and ask her to be your girlfriend, if she says no do ninja moves and then she will say yes

most girls only have one heart, not four
i don't know any ninja moves

edit: or girls
got to practice them then
there are plenty of girls
where do i learn ninja moves
from a ninja
i dont know any ninjas

at least i dont think i know any ninjas

everyone could be ninjas and just really good at hiding it
you are a ninja
not really

(or am i?)
okay that sounds like a plan. im gonna pull out my secret ninja techniques and all the girls will be lining up at my door.
good luck
Just be cool and charming.
Of which I am neither, J-Rob!
Irl? Go work out (become massive) and a group of 50 girls will be naturally attracted to you.
Hmm maybe I'm in over my head.
If you're a girl, reply to this thread so I know to ask you out.
i dont think thats going to work
bug please go out with me
i fell in love the moment i laid eyes on you. you're the one for me. i would need no memories there if i could share my life with you.
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