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This is gonna sound so dumb, but I am having a relationship struggle about social media of all things. Well, it’s more than that, but here’s the rundown. Prom was two saturdays ago and I went with my boyfriend. We obviously took prom pictures and I thought they looked pretty nice. After the fact of prom, I posted some and I thought he would too. I know it kind of sounds like I do, but I don’t put a whole lot of stock into social media for validation and I don’t really care about those things, but for some reason it bothered me that he said he didn’t want to post anything. I told him it was no big deal and it was fine because I didn’t want him to think I cared about outside validation or that I thought he didn’t appreciate me, i just didn’t know why he wouldn’t want to because we had a great time and I thought we both looked exceptionally nice. To make it even worse, I had a friend ask me about it and when I said he didn’t his response was just “oh…” and when I talked about it he assured me I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. I also talked to a mutual friend about it and she agreed with me and said she would text him, but I laughed it off because I thought she was joking. Apparently she did text him and now my boyfriend is asking if I’m mad at him and that our friend texting him annoyed him because he thought it wasn’t a big deal and we already talked about it. And it’s not so much the posting, I feel it’s more of me wanting him to want to. Idk, am I the asshole here or what should I do? Is it dumb of me to want that, because if so I’d rather be self aware and find a way to mature and get over ut
It's not dumb of you to want that. Do you know why he doesn't want to post them?
He said he doesn’t want to get obsessive with social media like he used to be when he was younger, but it kinda feels like lame reason.
He also might not like the way he looks. That's why I don't post stuff to social media at least
hi silly goose welcome to the forum and what the heck? you went to a friend or two about it and then he got mad about that so you came to ask more about it on twocans? its not a big deal. i think his reasoning is sound, social media can be addicting just like many things.
i can see your reasoning for being upset but if he explained then i think you can just move on and accept his reason
also what datboi said is true, im the same way
anyways yeah thats my two cents i have never had a relationship and probably never will but i am also right sorry if this was rude
Lame in what way?
also geese are only yellow as babies, are you a baby?
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