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talk about your perfect person, and why they are.
it could be your so, your crush, or just your type, or an imaginary soulmate.
Okay okay okay. Does it have to be in a romantic way?
nope :)
what about muck, acky
Okay cool. I was going to do a big rant about Les Claypool, but nobody's gonna care about that. I hate being so predictable. But seriously i fucking love this man gngnn.

Anyway another perfect person that I do love (in a likely romantic way) is my SO. Xe's so, just.... perfect. Sweet. Pretty. Handsome. Smart. Funny. Actually shares some interests with me. We like a lot of the same stuff. Primus, instruments, some movies. Even if I get confused on my feelings sometimes, if I actually even feel real romantic attraction and if this isn't just a best friends thing, I go right back to lovin' xem. Man.
The Nanny.
i miss muck
Alex is such a good friend and honestly I would hate going to school if it wasn't for them :p
yay :)
My perfect person is me because I'm a narcissistic.
The perfect person is willing to try and nurture our relationship while maintaining independence.
The perfect person for me is my lovely gf
you are the most lovely person in your own way
ty anon tcas user
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